10 Ways to Keep Your Child Active on Vacation at Home

Keep Your Child Active

School holidays are here! But with travel plans on hold this year, keeping your little adventurer energised and entertained at home might feel like a bit of a head-scratcher.

Fear not, fellow parent! We’ve got ten fantastic ideas to get those legs pumping and imaginations whirring, all without leaving your doorstep (and without breaking the bank!).

1. The Great Indoors Obstacle Course Challenge!
Transform your living room into a mini-workout wonderland. Use pillows, cushions, blankets, and even furniture to create a fun obstacle course. Tunnels made from chairs and blankets, stepping stones fashioned from cushions, and beanbag jumps add to the excitement.
Time each other for a friendly family race – the fastest gets bragging rights (and maybe an extra scoop of ice cream!).

2. Kitchen Capers: Healthy Cooking Fun!
Get your child involved in the kitchen for some delicious and healthy fun. Let them help wash vegetables, measure ingredients, stir the mix, and even decorate healthy pizzas with their favourite toppings. They’ll be more likely to gobble up creations they helped make, and you might just spark a lifelong love of cooking!

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3. Backyard Olympics:
Get Those Gold Medals! Dust off those skipping ropes, hula hoops, frisbees, and that old football gathering dust in the corner. Organise backyard games with a twist – turn them into mini-Olympic events! Award medals fashioned from cardboard and ribbons for the winners.
Don’t forget to have a victory dance – air guitar solos are highly encouraged!

4. Nature Detectives:
Uncovering Local Green Gems! Head out to your local park, nature reserve, or even just your own back garden. Turn your little one into a nature detective with a scavenger hunt list. Look for different coloured leaves, interesting-shaped pebbles, or types of flowers.
The winner gets bragging rights and maybe even gets to choose the next movie night pick!

5. Arts & Crafts Extravaganza:
Unleash the Creativity! Unleash your inner artist with a fun-filled arts and crafts extravaganza! Stock up on paper, paints, glue, glitter, crayons, and anything else that sparks your child’s creativity.
Design your own T-shirts with fabric paints, make sock puppets with buttons and googly eyes, or build a magnificent cardboard spaceship complete with portholes and a control panel. Creativity has no limits, so let imaginations run wild!

6. Dance Party Power: Shake it Off!
Sometimes, all you need is a good old-fashioned dance party! Crank up the tunes and have a family disco in the living room. Learn silly dance moves online, invent your own routines, or freeze in crazy positions when the music stops. Guaranteed giggles, a burst of energy, and maybe even a workout for you too!

7. DIY Board Games:
Family Game Night Reinvented! Board game night gets an upgrade! Grab some cardboard, markers, and dice. Design your own board game with a fun theme, like a pirate treasure hunt or a space exploration adventure.

Let your child help create the illustrations and come up with the rules. This personalised touch will make game night even more special.

8. Den-Building Bonanza:
Create Your Own Secret Hideaway! Gather blankets, sheets, clothes pegs, and anything else that can be safely draped and secured. Build an epic den in the living room, a fort in the garden, or a hideaway under the stairs.
Fairy lights strung across the top add a magical touch, perfect for reading stories or whispering secrets inside your creation.

9. Water Games Galore:
Cool Down with a Splash! When the weather permits, water games are a fantastic way to cool down and have a blast. Fill up paddling pools, get out the water balloons, or have a slip-and-slide competition in the garden.
Just remember to stay sun safe with hats, sunscreen, and plenty of shade breaks, especially during the hottest part of the day.

10. Bookworms on the Move:
Act Out the Adventure! Choose a book about an exciting adventure. As you read together, act out the story as you go. Your living room can be transformed into a jungle, pirate ship, or outer space station depending on the tale.
Let your child take the lead in creating the scenes and acting out the characters. This interactive storytelling session will bring the book to life in a whole new way.

Remember, the key is to have fun and get active together. So put on your comfy clothes, embrace a bit of silliness, and make some unforgettable staycation memories!

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