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Let us add Lakshadweep to our travel bucket list in 2024. We are all on the clock with deadlines, new responsibilities, getting stuck in traffic, and whatnot, and we all need a break, so if you are looking for a calm and quiet place away from horns and rush, Lakshadweep would be the right choice.

Before we start our journey let us explore and have a deep dive into the itineraries and packages, we could take in short making a well-planned travel guide to make it a more memorable one.

Lakshadweep Islands: Treasure of Natural Beauty

Lakshadweep derived from both Sanskrit and Malayalam means ‘thousands of islands. It is one of the 8th Union Territory and it became Union Territory in 1956, it is one of the least visited places still it is one of the most serene and untouched beauty. It is famous for its coral reef, sun-kissed beaches surrounded by greenery and it comprises 36 islands which only 10 islands are inhabited.

It is the best place who are beach lovers and scuba divers. If you think it is all about beaches, no, they offer not only the beaches but also certain activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing, boating, and sunbathing. We can also visit the lighthouses, marine museums, and local houses.

Lakshadweep Travel Information: Route to Destination

It is not a regular destination that you can just head in and reach there. The government promotes tourism while at the same time monitoring and protecting it to avoid the negative impact on the environment.

We need to have a permit to enter the territory, and you get it from the administration based in Kochi. There are certain procedures to be followed before you start the journey to get a permit.

You need to download a clearance certificate that needs to be cleared by the police, and along with the documents, add three passport photos. The permit needs to be collected from the administration, and the same needs to be shown when you reach there.

The question remains unanswered:

how do we reach the destination? We can travel by sea or air via Kochi.

Lakshadweep Cruise: Embarking the Journey

If we could describe the place in words, it would be calmness. It is not just about travelling to the place; it is about the whole experience of sailing through the sea. It is altogether a breathtaking experience, and they have many cruises under sail that are operated by SPORTS to visit different islands.

The cruise provides room accommodation; there are 2 berths and 4 berths with snack bars, lounges, and restaurants. It is not luxurious, but it does provide basic amenities, and one must follow certain instructions, such as that no liquor is allowed and one must carry their ID along with them.

One must know when they should visit and the best time to come to Lakshadweep with the cruise so that they can have a good time off, so we must plan accordingly while planning for this trip. One can plan in around October to April during the mid-May monsoon, which starts and goes until late September, and it will not be a better time to sail during the monsoon.

The temperature in the summer would be 22 to 36 degrees, which is mildly hot and the best time to enjoy scuba diving or canoeing.

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Lakshadweep Tourist Places: Experiencing the Beauty

As it is mentioned, it has 36 islands, of which only 10 are inhabited. Let us have a look at these beauties and learn more about them.

AGATTI Island: It is a 5.6-kilometer-long island and is rich in aquatic diversity, which includes turtles, multi-coloured fish, and coral growth. Agatti is situated about 459 km from Cochin, an entry gate to Lakshadweep, and it is a chain of islands from the mainland and nearby islands.

AGATTI has an airport; this is the connecting point for tourists, and it covers around 2.7 km of the area. The southern point is less populated, and the main population lies on the northern side. The eastern shore comprises sand that rises from the flat reef at low tide, which makes it a surreal moment.

The slow pace of life makes it more beautiful, and witnessing the wonderful experience gives it all together a kick and makes it more precious. Encountering water sports gives them a new experience and serene moments.

Bangaram Island: It is also known as Bunnagara Atoll, which surrounds a lagoon formed by the Arabian Sea. The small island comprises an area of 1.234 km, a compilation of many natural elements and beauty that cannot be explained in words, and it separates you from the outer world.

There is only one resort on the island and not only that, we have two of the largest schools for scuba diving and teach you diving. It is 45 minutes from AGATTI, and tourists should have a special permit to enter the island along with a confirmation regarding their stay.

Minicoy Island is located approximately 400 km off the coast of Kochi and is one of the 36 small isles that form a part of the Lakshadweep group of islands. Minicoy is known for its coral reefs and white-sand beaches.

They are one of the inhabited islands and the second largest, and they are known for their peaceful atmosphere as it is outside the mainland. It would be the best experience for tourists coming as they can enjoy the noise-free atmosphere and enjoy the clean beaches along with palm trees and coconut trees, creating a beautiful experience.

There is a lighthouse built in 1885 by the British as a landmark, and Jama Masjid is another attraction for visitors.

THINNAKARA Island: It is a tiny island just 8km northeast of AGATTI and opposite Bangaram Island, and this island shares the same coralline and logon. It is uninhabited, and very few visitors get to see and enjoy the virgin beaches.

It also has the best white sand beaches, corals, and no human interference with a view of the water. It is considered a paradise for those who love water sports and diving because of its clear water. Not just coral reefs; we get to see turtles, tropical fish, and octopuses.

Kalpeni Island is 2800m long and 1200 m wide, and we can cover the entire island in a short walk. If someone is a tuna lover, this is the right place to visit in Lakshadweep, and just like any other island here, we get to see lighthouses.

Which has 3 flashes that cover around 33.33 km with every flash within 20 seconds. It shows a resemblance to the Maldives and is called a blue lagoon. It is one of the largest lagoons in Lakshadweep, and the speciality is that the water is so clear that you get to experience what is inside the water too. It is altogether a divine experience.


Now we know why it is called the best place in India. We get to see the treasure of natural beauty, and it is like entering a dreamland with breathtaking views. This is the go-to place for anyone, be it an adventure lover or a nature-perfect blend of both.

Now the realization hits because it has been guarded and protected. Gems need to be protected, secured, and sealed. These islands teach you what a calm atmosphere looks like and splashes as well as feels like streaming like music, and this total getaway from chaotic schedules gives a together kick just by the beauty and even the food provided would be simple and yet tasty.

You just need to follow certain rules, and then we are good to go and can come back with such fantastic and blissful experiences.

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