Guiding Future Leaders: PM Modi’s Insights on Exams

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Prime Minister Modi shared invaluable insights and guidance with students during the 7th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha today. Addressing around 4000 students, along with teachers and parents at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, PM Modi aimed to create a stress-free environment for youngsters preparing for exams.

Here are 10 key lessons from his interaction:

  1. Mastering Pressure: The Foundation for Success
    PM Modi stressed the importance of moulding oneself to handle pressure, viewing it as the foundation of success. He emphasized the gradual adaptation to the art of handling pressure and the shared responsibility of teachers and parents in making this process easier for students.
  2. Embracing Healthy Competition
    Highlighting the need for healthy competition, PM Modi encouraged students to face challenges head-on. He urged them not to be concerned with their classmates’ performance but rather to focus on their own. Additionally, he advised parents and teachers against comparing students, as it can negatively impact them.
  3. Ambitious Friends: A Fortunate Alliance
    Having friends with ambition and a focus on career goals is a blessing, according to PM Modi. He suggested that students use their friends as a source of improvement and emphasized the idea of walking hand-in-hand on the path to success.
  4. Nurturing a Positive Teacher-Student Bond
    To alleviate pressure during exams, PM Modi highlighted the importance of teachers connecting with students beyond the syllabus. Creating a positive bond with students from the beginning boosts their confidence and helps them rectify mistakes, he said.
  5. Parents’ Pivotal Role in Academic Well-being
    PM Modi urged parents to avoid comparing their child’s performance with that of others, emphasizing that such a “running commentary” can be detrimental. He advised parents not to treat their child’s report card as their visiting card and instil resilience in children to help them cope with pressures.
  6. The Art of Writing: A Practice in Excellence
    Recognizing the decline in writing skills due to technological tools, PM Modi advised students to make writing a habit. Regular writing, spotting mistakes, and rectifying them can gradually improve writing speed and overall time management during exams.
  7. Revitalizing the Body: An Essential Mantra
    PM Modi emphasized the importance of recharging the body, akin to recharging mobile phones. Sunlight, a good sleep regime, and a balanced diet followed by exercise or meditation are crucial for staying active during exam preparations.
  8. Self-Confidence and Decision-Making Mastery
    Encouraging self-confidence, PM Modi advised students to complete tasks with confidence and courage. He urged them not to be weighed down by thoughts of success or failure but to confidently strive for success.
  9. Cultivating Trust in Students
    Highlighting the role of trust, PM Modi emphasized that building trust is crucial for students’ confidence and success. Conversations at home and school should be free-flowing, ensuring students feel heard and trusted.
  10. Navigating Technology: Distinguishing the Positive from the Negative
    In the digital age, PM Modi addressed the importance of balancing technology use. He stressed the need to reduce screen time, especially during study hours. He emphasized understanding how to leverage the positive aspects of the internet while being aware of its potential negative effects.

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In conclusion,

Prime Minister Modi’s interaction at the 7th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha has left an indelible mark on students, parents, and educators alike. The invaluable lessons shared go beyond the realm of exam preparation, offering a holistic approach to academic success and personal growth.

From handling pressure to fostering healthy competition, PM Modi emphasized the importance of a positive support system. Ambitious friends, a positive teacher-student relationship, and the significant role of parents were highlighted as crucial elements in a student’s journey.

The practice of writing and time management, along with the essential need to recharge the body, showcased a well-rounded approach to exam preparation.

Moreover, PM Modi’s emphasis on self-confidence, decision-making, and trust-building underscores the importance of character development alongside academic achievements. As students navigate the digital age, his insights into responsible technology use serve as a timely reminder of the need for balance and discernment.

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