A Spiritual Journey: A Calm Retreat Before March 2024

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Spiritual Journey

When you want a spiritual awakening, there is no other place than India, a place rich in culture and diversity known for many divine spiritual places. India proudly presents and promotes the places, and the people here have strong religious beliefs.

If you want a blissful and serene year ahead, here is a walk-through of different pilgrimages and places to visit and experience the aura and positivity around.

Hindu Pilgrimage Sites: A Divine Journey

As we are heading to the sacred journey, let us deep dive into it to learn more about it, and if you are starting the journey, you must begin with “The 7 Dhams.” According to the holy scripts of Hindus, it is said to be one of the seven sacred cities, also known as Sapta Puri, and known for attaining peace.

You will rejuvenate as a new person just by spending time there. Let us explore what those places are and their specialities.


This year has been special on January 22, 2024, Pran Pratishtha of Ram, a grand inauguration of the new Ram temple, which is the birthplace of Lord Ram. This is one of the holiest places, situated around the banks of the Sarayu River. And the city, believed to be a 9000-year-old island, has more than 700 temples. This is one of the most blissful places, and you only return with a lot of positivity.

Ayodhya, a truly divine destination, is a sacred haven where individuals enrich their inner spirits and experience pure joy.

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It is popularly known as Shiv Nagari, and it is one of the oldest cities. It is also said to be the place where Lord Shiva made the city with his own hands. It is situated in the Ganges of Ganga, surrounded by ghats and famous for the evening Arthi, and surrounded by Diya.

It is an altogether blissful experience, and there is a belief we will attain moksha. Many elderly people keep their last wish to attain that moksha, and you get to see the poetic beauty of the Ganga.


Step into the enchanting realm of Vrindavan, the divine birthplace of Lord Krishna, nestled amidst the picturesque Govardhan hill in Uttar Pradesh. Immerse yourself in a haven of serenity, where every corner echoes with the sacred. Explore the myriad temples that grace this sacred land.

The pinnacle of joy awaits during Janmashtami, when the city comes alive with vibrant energy, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. Witness the joyous festivities, where little ones joyfully don the attire of Krishna and Radha, enveloping the city in a sweet serenity that stays with you long after your visit. Experience the magic, embrace the calmness, and create memories of a lifetime in this divine abode.


It is Hari ka Dwar, which means gateway of Lord Vishnu. It is a place where people come all the way to have a holy bath in Ganga and to witness the Ganga Aarthi. Important temples are the Maya Devi Temple and Mansa Devi Temple. The most popular Kumbh Mela also happens every 12 years in the city. This trip adds to my inner peace.

Embark on a journey of spiritual renewal in Haridwar, a sanctuary where you can cleanse away misfortune and chart a new path of holiness, blessed by the divine.

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If you head south, especially in Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram should be a go-to place included in the spiritual journey. It is known for its divine temples and is located on the bank of the Vegavathi River. The place name is derived from a Sanskrit word that means” Brahma Workship.” And resident place.

The place is known as the “city of thousand temples.” Famous for its architecture. Prominent temples are Varadaraja Perumal Temple and Kamakshi Temple.


It is situated on the banks of the Kshipra River, and it is believed that the city emerged during the Samudra Manthan and Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, which were situated here. It states that they have connections with Lord Krishna and Brother Balram to get an education from Muni Sandipani. We have Gopal temple, where they have sliver statues of Krishna, Balaram, and Muni Sandipani.


Spata Pura is not complete without visiting the Dwaraka kingdom of Lord Krishna, said to have spent life after the assassination of King Kansa, and its sacred destination, attaining peace and a happy state of mind just by a visit, as it is not like any other trip. It is like gaining a new perspective and retreating.

4 Dham

As we get to know the 7 Dham, let us now explore, know about the 4 Dham, and experience the aura and positivity. It is a most delightful trip, and we get the opportunity to have a spiritual connection and look at different places.


It is one of the sacred towns in the Hindu religion, dedicated to the Lord Shiva, and it is situated in the Chamoli district. It has a height of about 10,279 ft and is the only temple among the 4 Dhams situated in the lap of the Himalayan mountains, and it is surrounded by Narayan mountains amongst Nil Kantha Peak.

The speciality of the temple is that it is filled with water bodies and ponds. Every moment is bliss. When you go in deep to know more about it, it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi turned into a tree to save Narayan, and it is mentioned that people will always name her after her.

It is always Lakshmi Narayan; if we are starting our char Dham yatra, Badrinath is the first destination to start with. It is auspicious to visit during the Akshaya Tritiya.


It should be on the list to visit Rameshwaram, situated in Ramanathapuram district, and it is believed that Lord Ram started his journey to save Sita from the kin of Lanka Ravana. That was helped by Vanara Sena, a group of monkeys, followed by Hanuman, a faithful devotee of Rama.

It is believed that Lord Rama and Sita installed the Shiva Lingam to worship the Lord Shiva as part of killing Brahmana. It is also believed that Rameshwaram temple, built in the 12th century, also has the same idol.

Here you can get to see the Jada tirtham, as it has its importance. It is said to be the place where Ram worshipped the Shiva lingam and the giant bird Jataayu passed away while trying to save Sita from Ravan, and you get to explore the Ram Sethu bridge that connects the island and the coast of Sri Lanka. You get to visit Pancha-Mukhi Hanuman Temple and Lord Narasimha Temple.

Jagannath Puri

It is one of the serene places in Odisha, and it is said to be famous for being the only holy place for having important goddesses such as Lakshmi, Parvathi, Durga, Sati, and Skathi. You get to experience the chariot festival, which we call the Rath Yatra, which starts from Jagannath temple to Gundicha temple and covers 3 km.

We get to see old temples along with a connection with nature, which gives you a fresh feeling and creates a spiritual uplift.


If you love to trek and at the same time want to experience peace and have that spiritual awakening, Kedarnath is the right choice. It is situated in the mountains within the snowstorm and is one of the holiest pilgrimages in Northeast India.

The place is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Gauri Kund is a base camp for the holy place. It has an altitude of around 11755 feet above sea level. There are many options available; we can complete the trek by walking.

We will be attracted to the energy just from the distance, and the view and scenery will add beauty to the place. Here we will know the exact meaning of calmness. Dwarka too comes under the 4 Dham, similar to the 7 Dham, as we discussed. Moving forward, let us also explore another sacred place and add to your spiritual journey.


This Balaji temple is situated in the south of India, in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. It is said to be believed that Lord Vishnu resided there during Kali yuga. This temple is one of the most popular places and most visited from all parts of India, and this temple is known for accepting hair donations from all ages within the premises of the temple to fulfil their needs. It gives you divine experience, and you will have that energy.


Shree Dharma Sastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyapan, is the most famous and important temple in Kerala. Sabarimala is situated on a hilltop 3000 m above sea level in the Pathanamthitta district, and you cannot just go and visit like any other temple; we need to have a proper 41-day fast before we can visit.

In a way, it benefits our body and mind, giving us a blissful experience. We can visit the mandala pooja, makaravilaku, and during the festival of Vishu. People down in the south visit every year without fail.

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We have just had a virtual retreat of these sacred places and know their importance, and just reading will pump up our energy. You will gain immense happiness and spiritual connection, and it’s not just religious palaces; there are more prominent places to be visited.

We need to have the detachment and leave behind everything just to have the spiritual awakening, have that retreat, recharge ourselves with the energy passed, and have them before March 2024 just to enhance the culture and have a better and closer connection.

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