Tips Effective learning Strategies During the Holiday Season

Effective learning Strategies

We are already stepping into the holiday season, and that brings out joy, as it is all about relaxation, gatherings and spending time with loved ones.

But that is not the case for the students during the break; they can’t just sit and relax; they need to have the right balance during their holidays and make use of it to be on the same track as before the holidays. To avoid the overwhelming situation, we can learn about tricks and hacks to have a study routine and, as well, enjoy the winter break.

Let us quickly walk through how we can master the art of balancing the holidays and studies.

Built into a schedule: strategies for better vision

The first thing we can do is create a well-planned schedule during the holidays. This helps to create a vision and an idea about how the day is going to be, preparing the tasks that need to be done, and that helps to connect us so we won’t miss the basics even during the holidays.

At the same time, create a schedule knowing the family plans too, as it is not just a regular break. You can have a word with them and prepare a well-planned chart for yourself so you can manage your studies and the holidays in a better manner.

Setting up goals: the art of microlearning

It won’t be a normal day during the Christmas holidays. There will be a lot of distractions, and focusing on studies will be a challenge. To avoid this, let’s keep realistic goals that can be achieved within a period, and we can involve microlearning.

That is, dividing as small chunks of a portion, which is important. Which leads to a better understanding and can be used as a technique to learn complex topics as we are diving. It won’t look complex and we can consume it in capsule form, which would be easier.

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Creating a Holiday Theme Game: Turn learning into fun

The holiday vibe is real, and you will be in a mood to enjoy Christmas and winter, so concentrating on your studies is a task. For this, we have a solution.

Why not turn into games, like card games, puzzles, and quizzes, as they are easier to be involved in, would be effective during the holidays, and they can remember the concepts? Most importantly, this technique won’t bore them and they will be able to concentrate.

Rewarding Yourself: Boosting Your Confidence.

As it is a festival of gifting, why not include in our study routine that we decide upon goals and start working on them once we finish the task? Reward yourself for your favourite things. This keeps them motivated and charged up to do that task; this is an effective way to study during the break.

Get a spot: A distraction zone

Another hack we can use to improve our study routine during the holidays is to find a spot or a space for ourselves because, during the Christmas season, a house full of people will gather to prepare for the party.

To avoid that what we can do is have our own space informed before our family so that there is less interference, which helps to avoid distraction to some extent and allows us to devote the whole time wholeheartedly and stick to our schedule without any disturbance.

Study Groups: Interactive sessions with peers.

Another learning hack we can implement during the winter break is creating peer groups in which we can share and clear doubts and learn, and we can teach them what they don’t know. An American physicist, J. Robert Oppenheimer, said, “The best way to learn is to teach!” Teaching others helps us understand the concept and helps us memorize what we have learned.

Fun interactions with peers and friends that are engaging can include word games that involve academic-related questions, which also make it easier to remember the concepts.

Take a break during a break to rejuvenate yourself
Taking a break during a break is tricky, right? Another hack we can implement here.

As we are balancing the studies and winter break, let’s take a moment to do other things as well, such as picking a hobby you always wanted to try, it is the best time to explore new things, learn and develop the creative side. This leads to a lighter mood and a better mentality, or rejuvenation.

Golden Hour: A Secret Rule for Productivity

To be productive during Christmas break would be difficult, and studying during the break is yet another herculean task. To beat this, we can try the “golden hour,” which is studying during the day around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then restarting from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

According to sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of Now, working with your body’s natural clock is the key to success. Rather than staying up all night, let’s practice it, as we won’t ruin the sleep schedule and can have balance during the holiday.

No social media: detox period.

As it is the holiday season, there is a tendency to be on the phone, and usage of social media is comparatively higher, which leads to procrastination. To be productive, let’s try to avoid social media and use the internet connection wisely.

This will lead to a productive day, follow the schedule, avoid the last-minute rush, and enjoy the full holidays.

Focusing on the weakness: Buckling up

During holidays, let us shine a light on the areas where we are weak and provide attention to the weaker side, taking help learning trikes and tips to know the subject and implementing those narrated through favourite tasks, which helps in concentration.

This way, we can be productive and buckle up our knowledge a little further. Most importantly, ask questions, find answers, and do your research, which can comparatively turn your weakness into your forte. Asking for expert advice adds a cherry on top, which will help you buckle up.

Say No to Last Day Preparation: Breaking the Ritual

It is a common psychology that we tend to procrastinate on holidays. First, we should completely avoid that. That is the biggest blunder. We are making it think that we have time; actually, it is the opposite. Time flies, and last-minute prep always causes chaos, which makes it more complicated and stressful.

So to avoid them, try to divide the days, prioritize the tasks, and avoid the chaos.

Re-write and Rewise: Back to Basics

Whatever we learn, if it is not revised or rewritten, the concepts we studied a whole time and energy are wasted. Rewriting and revising will have an impact and we can have a strong understanding and make it easier to memorize.

Adding Music and Humour: Creative Ways to Be Productive

A trick we can use here is to play your favourite light music, add on a funny story, or use any technique that you can memorize to make it simpler for you.

As there is no hard rule that we have to follow traditional methods, there can be a blend of traditional and creative methods to engage in studies, which leads to an improvement in creative thinking too.

Level Up With Technology: Companion to the Students

Technology can be our companion if we use it the right way. One of the best learning hacks we can apply here is trying different study materials to upgrade the skills. Learning new things and applying them to the existing ones would be a game changer, and keeping up the excitement and trying new things will always be a good idea.

Have a healthy diet: Brain activation

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food. Staying active during the Christmas period and getting a good amount of sleep is also important so that we have enough energy to process and learn them.

If your mind is upset and filled with thoughts, take a brisk walk. Putting your woollen on fresh air helps to freshen up the mood and can make you feel better.


This holiday season, we can implement and know the right blend of balancing academics and the winter break for the students. All we need is the right guidance and learning strategies to be on track and use better usage of time, not only for the holidays but also to navigate through the tricks and tips, not overwhelm, and help brush up their skills and unveil the art of gifting a better routine and upskilling to have better knowledge.

Let’s welcome the new year with the same enthusiasm and learning on the better side. The holidays are a rejuvenation to learn things, making you a better person. Not just that, as it is a gifting season, let’s pass on the same energy and claim this season as a successful year, fuel positive thoughts throughout the holidays, and spread the joy of happiness.

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